allison leeThanks for checking out my page! I’m an illustrator and graphic designer currently working in the Chattanooga area as graphic/web designer. I have over eleven years of professional creative experience in both freelance, agency, and in-house environments, and I am always looking for new techniques to improve my design and technical skills.

My main areas of expertise include illustration, art direction, web design, HTML/CSS coding, letterpress, and printmaking. My art is inspired equally by my love of retro design and my eye for modern aesthetics, so I feel just as at home working on an Art Nouveau-inspired print as I do a sleek corporate webpage.

I am a detail-oriented artist with a desire to create the best possible design for my employers, big or small. Some of the clients I’ve been privileged to work with in the past include the Lynchburg Whiskey Runners Car Club, Keener Marketing, Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc., and the city of Adams, TN.

Recently I’ve been expanding my artistic horizons by doing illustration work on a web comic and a new children’s book, and I’ve also joined Patreon which has led to some fun side projects. When I’m not hard at work creating awesome art for my day job, I also enjoy exploring my many hobbies and interests, which include linocut design, rock music, running, kempo, and animals (especially puppies).

Now that you know a little bit about me, I hope you enjoy looking through the art on my website and on my social accounts (links below). I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to reach out on social or email. Have a great day!

Email: al[at]
Resume: click here

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